What is Downland Dance Club?

Downland Dance Club was set up to increase access to dance for boys, girls and adults. It had responsibilities for collecting fees and for supporting events, including shows, for the Judy Bowles Academy of Dance.  It is run by a committee of volunteers and is similar to a Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

What is the current constitution?

The club’s constitution sets the terms of how we operate, including who are eligible members and the committee’s roles and responsibilities. Click here to view a copy of the constitution.

What is changing?

Now that this school has been sold, the new owners do not require the same level of support from the club, and so the membership are being asked to consider the following motion:

The committee of Downland Dance put forward the motion that Downland Dance will be wound up and that the club’s assets will be disposed of in accordance with the club’s principles.”

How will the motion be voted on?

The motion will be put to the membership at a Special General Meeting (SGM) on Saturday 24th February at 6pm in the West Wing Studio in Abingdon. You have to attend the meeting to vote. Adhering to our normal practices, the motion will be carried if three quarters of the voting members present support the motion.  The ballot will be carried out in private.

Who can vote?

You are a voting member of Downland Dance if:

  • You are over the age of 16, attend class(es) and pay your membership fee.
  • Or you represent a child, under the age of 16, who attends classes and you have paid your membership fee.

What is the membership fee?

Each term a membership fee of £2.00 has been paid to Downland Dance club to cover administrative costs and contribute towards purchasing of equipment needed by the school.  This fee was added to the class invoice and ‘pay as you go’ students were asked to place the money in a collecting tin. Please note, no fees were collected in December/January.

What assets does the club have?

The club has a bank account with a small balance of funds accumulated from running shows, events, and selling merchandise.  It owns a lot of costumes and scenery used in previous performances.  A few items have been purchased for use by the school, such as barres. The harlequin floor that is used in all our performances belongs to the club. The data it has collected on past and present members and attendees of events is also within the Club’s control.

What will happen to the club’s assets if the motion is carried?

This will decided by the committee if the motion to wind up the club is carried by the voting members present at the SGM.

Can I see a set of the Club’s accounts?

Yes, the club accounts are presented at the AGM each year and open to members to view.  Please email the Chair, Cat Young on cat@catyoung.co.uk, for a copy of the latest accounts.