Important news

It may come as no surprise to many that Downland Dance has, over the course of its first year under the new brand, suffered financial losses. Of course, our main priority remains to be teaching and inspiring the next generations of dancers and spreading the joy of dance as far and wide as possible. However, to enable us to keep doing so, steps have had to been taken to ensure a viable future for the school. We have done our very best to keep the impact of these changes to a minimum and to keep classes running in the way in which we have all become accustomed. If you have any questions about the following changes, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the management team. The changes include:

Changing of the timetable and cancelling of non viable classes

We understand that, in a graded teaching method such as the one used by the RAD, it is normal that some classes are more heavily subscribed than others as students progress their way through the grades. However, owing to the rate at which some or our classes are undersubscribed, we have, regrettably, been left with no alternative other than to reassess the layout of our timetable. Many students will find that their class times have been unaffected by the upcoming changes, however some will find that their class may have changed in time, location, or in extreme cases, may have been cancelled altogether. Students of classes which have been affected will be contacted independently well in advance of these changes taking place. Planned changes are due to come into effect at the start of the Summer Term 2019, and the Summer Term Timetable 2019 will be available on our website in due course:

Raising of PAYG premium

The option to pay for classes on a PAYG basis is very popular amongst our adult student base, and as such we have been reluctant to remove this as an option. The problem this creates for us is that, with little or no students subscribed to a number of adult classes, it is very difficult to assess which of those classes are running viably. In a number of cases, this has led to classes running for extended periods of time with a lower-than-expected number of students, causing a significant loss of funds for the school, as the teachers and the studio costs need to continue to be met. To ensure sustainability, we are raising the current PAYG premium to £2 per class, which we hope will encourage more students to opt for the invoiced method of payment at a lower rate.

Raising of school fees

Downland Dance is an organisation fuelled by a passion for dance and the enjoyment that that brings. As such, we do everything possible to keep our fees at a low and competitive rate. Unfortunately, to ensure a safe and viable future for the school, school fees will need to be raised in September 2019. To make sure we are being as fair as possible to our students and their families, we are taking other measures to reduce our overhead costs before implementing the planned increase of school fees, and the planned fee rise will NOT come into effect until September 2019.  Full details around the new price structure will be released within the next week or two.