AGM: Sat 23rd Sept at 16:30. ALL WELCOME!

Downland Dance is a club which is run by volunteers.  We have a committee to decide on matters relating to the running of the club, putting on events and shows and how to invest the club’s money.  Our founding principal is to increase participation and diversity in dance.

The committee will be voted or co-opted in during the AGM on Saturday 23rd September at 16:30. Please come along to the West Wing Studio in Abingdon if you’re interested in being part of the committee or if you just want to learn more about the club.

Click here for the location of the Studio.

The current members of the committee are:

Position Currently held by
Chair Cat Young
Vice Chair Jane Parritt
Treasurer Suzanne Simcox
Co-Treasurer Helen Lloyd
Communications Gail Hedley
Events Coordinator Sarah Vincent
Committee Member Sasha Blaszko
Committee Member Maggie Morris
Founder & Member Anita Rendel
Committee Member Amanda Taylor
Committee Member Sylvie Thompson
Principal Teacher Judy Bowles-Harris
Teacher Alessandra Giunta

You’re welcome to put yourself forward for a position on the Committee. We meet each term for 1.5 hours and do a lot in-between via email and chats. The commitment is not high.

And, if a formal position is not ‘for you’ then please consider raising your hand as a general member. We are always happy to receive help in whatever capacity it comes!

For more information, please contact Cat Young on