Below you will find answers to some of the questions you may have about moving our Didcot ballet classes from Aureus School to Didcot Girls School.  Please note, our Abingdon Studio is unaffected by this (other than some timetable changes that are happening outside of this move).

Why are we moving our ballet classes to Didcot Girls’ School? The move to Didcot Girls School was initiated after concerns were raised over the way parents are excluded from entering the premises at Aureus School. Whilst Aureus have taken some steps to become more accommodating, Didcot Girls’ School offering a vast improvement in waiting conditions, and a more comfortable experience for students, and teachers of Downland Dance.
What benefits can we, the parents, expect from Didcot Girls’ School? After the move, parents will be able to accompany their children all the way to the dance studio door. They will be able to help their children change, and see them into the studio personally. The use of ‘runners’ to collect and return students between classes will no longer be necessary. Plenty of parking is available at the school. Parents will be allowed to wait in their canteen.
What benefits can the students expect from Didcot Girls’ School? The dance studio at Didcot Girls’ School will provide students with high quality dance flooring to practise on, and mirrors are more heavily featured to allow students the opportunity to correct themselves. Temperature control in the Didcot Girls School dance studio is considered to be better than that we have been experiencing at Aureus.
What are the drawbacks? The drawbacks of this move are considered to be minimal. Although the dance studio is differently shaped, and not as new as Aureus, we believe there is more usable space. Students will still enjoy the high ceilings and freedom of movement that they have become accustomed to at Aureus.
Will the move affect the timetable? We’re working closely with Didcot Girls School to ensure there is minimal impact on the current timetable. We will be releasing a timetable for the Summer term during March.
Will the move affect the cost of classes? Class prices will be unaffected by the move, and will stay as they are until September 2019, when a previously planned price increase will take effect.
When will the planned move take place? We will begin running our Didcot classes from Didcot Girls’ School at the start of the 2019 Summer Term: Tuesday 23rd April 2019.
Where is Didcot Girls’ School? The address is: Didcot Girls’ School, Manor Crescent, Didcot, OX11 7AJ

Click here for a Google map.

Will there be a different procedure to dropping off/ picking up students, such as the one at Aureus? Parents will be allowed to enter Didcot Girls’ School for the purpose of dropping off and collecting their children from dance classes. Parents will be able to personally escort their children directly to the studio.

The studio at DGS is very close the main School reception, located on Manor Crescent.

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