Here you’ll find answers to your common questions about your FREE trial dance class with us.

Where is your Abingdon Dance Studio? Our Abingdon studio is located in Coxeter House, just off Stratton Way. You will find the entrance to the studio to the left of Seeney’s Pet Shop as you are facing it. There is free parking on site for visitors of the studio.

Full AddressWest Wing Studio, Coxeter House, Abingdon, OX14 3RG

Where is your Didcot Dance Studio? The Didcot studio is located inside Didcot Girls’ School on Great Western Park. Please use the Manor Crescent entrance to the school (follow signs for the Catholic Church). During class times, an onsite canteen, with access to vending machines, is available for use by waiting parents.

Full Address: Didcot Girls’ School, Manor Crescent, Didcot, OX11 7AJ

When should I show up? A good warm up is important before dance classes, and we try to keep our classes punctual, so we suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before the class to give yourself time to change and start preparing your body. Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to warm up for your first class, there are usually others there at that time who can help you, and the teacher will be able to give you advice during the class.
What should I wear? Students of RAD grades will eventually need to wear the school uniform, should they decide to sign up after their free trial, but any combination of leotard/tights/shorts/ballet skirt and ballet shoes would be fine for the first class. If they don’t yet have any of the above, then a close fitted T shirt and a pair of sports shorts would also be fine. If they don’t yet own any ballet shoes, they are welcome to attend in a pair of socks.

Adults are welcome to wear whatever they like in class, as long as it isn’t too baggy and doesn’t restrict their movement too much. Most adults wear a leotard and tights, accessorised with their own combination of warm up gear (ie. leg warmers/ ballet skirt/ shorts/ joggers/ cardigan etc.), but if you don’t have any of that yet, you would be fine in a closely fitting T shirt and a pair of joggers or yoga pants for the first class. You will eventually need a pair of soft ballet shoes for the classes, but if you haven’t got any yet, you would be fine in a pair of socks for the first class.

Where can I buy the uniform? All uniform, as well as a range of other dance accessories including shoes and warm up wear, can be purchased through our website – click here.
Can I watch my son/daughter’s trial class? We usually ask that parents do not watch their children’s first class, simply because children tend to find it a little more difficult to get settled with a parent in the room and often do better when they are left on their own. Both studios offer an onsite waiting area for parents. If your child likes the class and decides to sign up, we do usually allow parents in to watch the last class of each term, so they can see how much their child has progressed.
Will my child be left unattended at any point during the class? We take your child’s safety very seriously, and as such we will not leave any child unattended at any point during the class. Both studios are protected by CCTV.
What is the behaviour etiquette in class? Discipline is very important in dance, so we ask that students do not talk during the lesson (unless they have a question that is relevant to the class). Look out for our Artistic Director’s rules and expectations around dance studio etiquette.
How will I pay for the classes? Classes are charged for according to the length of time that they run. For most classes, if you decide to sign up, we will send you an invoice for the remainder of the term, and then at the beginning of each term hence forth. We do also offer our Adult Open Classes on a PAYG basis, which means that you can show up to as many classes as you like, and we will keep a record of the ones you came to and charge you accordingly at the end of each half term. We do charge a small premium for this however, so signing up to be invoiced to Open Classes works out a little cheaper if you come every week.
How much does the class cost? Please see our price guide.