Questions and Answers

We realise that Mrs Harris’ announcement about selling the school may generate lots of questions. Here are some of the common ones with answers.  If you have any other queries, please speak to your teacher or email us on

Who will be teaching Mrs Harris’ classes once she retires?

Mrs Harris will continue to teach her classes, and will gradually reduce her teaching commitment over the next two years. Mrs Harris will ensure that there is a gradual handover of her students to a new teacher.

How does this affect Downland Dance, the club?

The future of the Downland Dance club has yet to be decided. If you have an opinion on what you think should happen to the club in the future, please contact the chair, Cat Young on and she will include you in any future consultations.

Who will teach my child?

Your teacher will remain unchanged for this term and next. We are looking to recruit new teachers to put on new classes and in different styles (contemporary, floor barre, jazz, tap, modern etc). If those teachers are to take over an existing class taught by Mrs Harris there will be a handover period to get your child used to the new teacher.

How will this affect East Hagbourne classes?

The East Hagbourne classes will continue to be taught by Miss Alessandra and Miss Suzanne. Any other changes affecting the East Hagbourne classes will be discussed with the parents over the coming weeks.

Will Adam be teaching the classes?

Adam will continue to dance with the Croation National Ballet so is not able to take on any term-time teaching duties at this point. He will teach holiday classes as he did this Summer. He will, however, be Artistic Director so will oversee all the teaching and help set the direction for the school.

Will the prices go up?

There are no plans to change the pricing at this stage. As always, you will be given plenty of notice of any changes in fees or payment arrangements. You will be paying a new legal entity in the future, but the details of this have yet to be decided.

What about our club fee, will we still be paying that?

It is likely that this will cease, but not till the new payment arrangements are set up. More details on this to follow

Will there by other styles of dance introduced into the timetable?

Yes, that is the plan. We are busy talking to existing and prospective teachers on this matter and will have more news in the coming months.

Will this affect those being put in for their exams?

No, all current exam submissions are unaffected by this change.

Will the uniform change?

The class uniforms are dictated by the RAD and match what is required when taking an exam. Therefore, there are no plans to change these.

What other changes might we see?

The new owners will be investing heavily in marketing activity including a refreshed brand, new-look website, PR & Social Media activity. They are also arranging regular masterclasses with world-class professional dancers and will be actively promoting ‘ballet for boys’ and other initiatives to widen access to dance.