Tips for exam candidates

Lots of Downland Dance students have been hard at work preparing for their RAD graded exams which will be on the 12th & 13th March 2019. Our examiner will be Mr Christos Chandroulidis. Your teacher will let you know when your session is, and when you will need to be at the studio to start getting ready.

Please make sure you arrive with hair and uniform in an impeccable condition. Showing the examiner that you are well disciplined with your appearance and manner will go a long way to impressing him.

We hope that everyone enjoys the exam experience. Don’t worry if you are feeling nervous, that’s quite normal! Here are a few tips to help you make the very most of your exam:

  • Nervous? Being nervous makes you dehydrated, and being dehydrated makes you feel nervous. Make sure you drink plenty of water on the day of the exam.
  • Worried? Remember that we’re all human (including the examiner) and mistakes happen. If something goes ‘not to plan’ during the exam, don’t let it distract you. Just smile and keep on going!
  • Remember: Confidence is King! Take a deep breath before you enter the room to help focus your mind, and let any fears you might have leave your body as you exhale.
  • Enjoy! Exams are a golden opportunity to practice performing in front of a new audience, and what could be more enjoyable than performing the dances that you have worked so hard to get right?